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Welcome to Try Hard Gaming


Get to Know Us

Welcome to Try Hard Gaming we are a team of friends, who came together to build a dream, a dream to make a gaming community where people can meet new people, escape reality and really strive. Here at Try Hard Gaming we have just opened our first dayz server and have started building the community on discord. We have got to this point with financial help from are community through donations, we will have donator rewards, these will follow the bohemian guidelines. So we will be offering custom retextures of any item, such as clothes, guns, vehicles, priority que positions (Custom textures will not be made to make you harder to see), and ticket priority. All money goes towards server costs and new servers in the future. 


At the moment we offer one server

The server is called Try Hards Maniac Madness, I dislike the way dayz has gone, ill explain. Dayz is over saturated with pve or pvp servers, These usual involve players being very toxic and camping bases or standing on items shooting zombies with no threat. so we have designed a server where pvp meats pve with a good balance. So that means no toxic behaviour and and environment too meet new friends and go on adventures. We have added a few mods to the base game to enhance your experience. I would describe this server as having a vanilla feel but with mods. 

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